Save 50% on drying time
Save 50% on drying time

Open 24 Hours 365 Days

Dover coin laundromat never closes! Your time is valuable, and not everyone lives a ‘normal’ daytime schedule. So we meet everyone’s needs and our customers love us for it.

Oil, Gas, Pipeline Workers

We get a ton of calls asking about wash and fold services. Dover laundromat is unattended, but we DO provide laundry wash and fold from our other area locations.

Call Reno Cleaners  (330.875.3500) in Louisville or Peacock Cleaners (330.627.4685 or 330.324.2212) in Carrollton are full service commercial laundries.

We provide drop-off laundry, pick-up and delivery. Call us to see if your order qualifies for FREE pickup or delivery.

We know how to starch your FRs, and our heavy starch is unlike any you’ll find in the area. That’s a guarantee!

Hotel and Campground PICK UP and DELIVERY

We serve area hotels and campground with FREE pickup and delivery. Call us to see if yours is on the list.

Call Reno Cleaners  (330.875.3500) in Louisville or Peacock Cleaners (330.627.4685 or 330.324.2212) in Carrollton.

Each location is generally served two days per week. Either Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday. Custom pickup can be arranged for an added fee.

Laundry couldn’t get any easier. We bill your credit card and eliminate all effort on your part.


Most of our laundry equipment is current generation and state of the art. The 9 newest Dexter Express washers were installed in 2014.

Dexter Express washers spin so fast you will save 50% on drying time and dollars. Be sure to give them a try.

Clean, bright, safe. Those are the values we live by.


Dover coin laundromat is the only one that sends a refund check for 25 cents. But we do.

Fill out a refund card completely for any equipment problems. We can’t issue a refund if we can’t locate you.

Communities We Serve

Conveniently located in Dover Ohio. Easy access from all direction with plenty of parking. We serve the communities of Dover OH 44622, New Philadelphia 44663, Strasburg OH 44612, and Parral OH 44622, in addition to surrounding areas.